Speaker of the House Paul Ryan is officially a total sellout! He agreed to a $1.1 trillion omnibus spending bill with Obama late Wednesday night that increases unskilled guest workers allowed into America significantly. Under the bloated $1.1 trillion bill, the number of H-2B visas will nearly be up as much as four times as the previous levels. This allows unskilled illegals into this country to drive down wages. There is always the chance terrorists are embedded in the increase in visas as well. So it’s business as usual in Washington where the american people come last…#FIREPAULRYAN! 

The year-end spending deal unveiled early Wednesday morning includes a provision that would increase the number of guest worker visas available to unskilled foreign nationals seeking employment in the U.S.

According to Ian Smith, an attorney with the Immigration Reform Law Institute, language inserted into the omnibus spending deal would nearly quadruple the number of H-2B visa workers admitted to the U.S. next year to about 250,000.

The section of the more than 2,000-page omnibus bill that contains the provision, the immigration reduction group NumberUSA reports, is on page 701. It reads:

“SEC. 565. Section 214(g)(9)(A) of the Immigration and Nationality Act (8 U.S.C. 1184(g)(9)(A)) is amended by striking ‘‘2004, 2005, or 2006 shall not again be counted toward such limitation during fiscal year 2007.’’ and inserting ‘‘2013, 2014, or 2015 shall not again be counted toward such limitation during fiscal year 2016.’’

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H-2B visas are intended for low-skilled foreign nationals to work temporarily in nonagricultural positions when American workers are unavailable. According to recent reports, however, some employers have abused the system, devising strategies to hire H-2B visa holders over American workers.

Via: Breitbart

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