Andrew Breitbart is surely cheering from heaven as he watches his dear friend Steve Bannon, a former naval officer, investment banker, entrepreneur, and Executive Director at Breitbart News accept the position of Trump’s Chief Strategist and Senior Counselor. The media fears him, the Left fears him and the Right is hopeful he is the perfect person to shake things up in Washington.  Sadly, the “has been” crybaby, never-trumpet Glenn Beck has joined the mainstream media and the Democratic Party to destroy a man whose mission has always been to expose the truth about the Left and to hold them accountable for their actions against America. Glenn Beck has seen his own empire crumble around him over the past couple of years, while Breitbart News’ engagement numbers have exploded. Maybe Glenn’s problem with Bannon goes a little deeper than his appointment to Trump’s administration. Maybe it has something to do with Bannon’s mentor and close friend who helped Andrew Breitbart to create the one of the top conservative news sites in America.
Andrew Breitbart and Steve Bannon Facebook photo
Andrew Breitbart and Steve Bannon Facebook photo

Glenn Beck has just proven once again, (to anyone who still gives a darn about what he has to say) how little he cares about shaking things up in DC and in doing so, has proven how irrelevant he really is to conservatives who used to believe in him.

 From Jim Hoft of Gateway Pundit, who was also a close friend of Andrew Breitbart: It’s only a matter of days now before Glenn Beck announces his allegiance to the Democrat Party, Barack Obama and Nancy Pelosi.

He has allowed his hatred and pride to consume him.

And now that Donald Trump won the election he is doing all he can to make sure Trump fails.

On Monday Glenn Beck said Steve Bannon has ties to white nationalists. This is a complete lie. 

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Check out this Dec. 12, 2011 interview with Andrew Breitbart where he exposes Glenn Beck as a race-baiter, a liar and a “coward”:

Andrew Breitbart exposed USDA’S Shirley Sherrod after she made extremely racist comments, bragging about how she used her power as a government official to discriminate against a white farmer in a room packed with blacks. The controversy was real, but the mainstream media and Glenn Beck, who we believe has always been jealous of Andrew Breitbart’s ability to with connect with conservatives and more specifically, the Tea Party tried to destroy Andrew over this video. Watch:

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Watch Andrew Breitbart destroy Glenn Beck here:

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