Joe Biden, who surely is accustomed to disappointment and failure, is on track to miss the Covid targets he set to achieve, or more accurately, his handlers set for him. The build-back-better life-long politician will fall far short of his stated goal: a 70% vaccination rate in the U.S. by July 4th– and to ship out 80 million experimental vaccine doses worldwide by June 30th.

Biden has promised a return to normalcy for Americans on Independence Day in the event his target is met, but enthusiasm for the untested vaccine has slowed immensely, threatening his plans for a large 4th of July celebration and fireworks display.

The huge crowd of 1000 essential workers and military families he planned to celebrate with at the White House, may turn out to be more akin to one of his laughable campaign rallies if his Covid jab goals are not realized.

On Monday, the administration announced destinations for 55 million doses of the vaccine with focuses on Latin America, South American, Asia, and Africa. To date, however, the Associated Press reports that fewer than 10 million doses of the COVID vaccine have been shipped, including 2.5 million doses sent to Taiwan over the weekend, and about 1 million doses delivered to Mexico, Canada, and South Korea earlier this month. 

The White House has downplayed the missed deadlines.

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