The NRA’s Wayne LaPierre just delivered a huge smackdown of  Chuck Schumer for not following through on a promise to compile the mental-health records of individuals to use in background checks for guns:

Washington Free Beacon reports:

While addressing the CPAC, LaPierre played a clip of him speaking to Schumer on the CBS program “Face the Nation” in 1993.

“Are you in favor of computerizing the mental-health records of people into a national computer bank?” LaPierre asks Schumer in the clip.

“You bet, you bet I am!” Schumer responds.

“Well, can we join hands on that and go to Capitol Hill right now?” LaPierre asks.

“We can,” Schumer says as he shakes LaPierre’s hand.

LaPierre then blasted Schumer before the CPAC audience for not following through on his promise 25 years ago.

“Now, here’s the real tragedy: Charles Schumer shook my hand to get all of the mental-health records into the system, and then he went back to Capitol Hill and you know what he did? Absolutely nothing,” LaPierre said. “How many lives might have be saved if he had just kept his promise?”


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