Has there ever been a better White House press secretary?  Sarah Sanders takes on the political hacks in the main stream media like no one else. Sanders  took a swipe at CNN’s Jim Acosta and his desire to “go one-on-one with President Trump” during an interview Friday night with Fox News host Sean Hannity. She delivers a smackdown of Acosta saying she doesn’t think he’s up to the challenge of a one-on-one with President Trump…Ouch!



Via Daily Caller:

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“I don’t think there has ever been a more hostile news media in the country than there has been to President Trump. I think it’s obvious,” Hannity told Sanders to start the interview.

Sanders said that despite the fact that there are “so many good things they could be talking about” that the president is accomplishing, “90 percent of the coverage is negative.”

The press secretary then launched into a comment Acosta made on “Jimmy Kimmel Live” daring the president to do an interview with him.

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