It’s probably not the wisest decision to argue with Dr. Sebastian Gorka about the use of the phrase ‘radical Islamic terrorism’ – especially if you have absolutely no idea what you’re talking about in the first place.

Dr. Sebastian Gorka defended the Trump administration’s use of the phrase ‘radical Islamic terrorism’ in an appearance on MSNBC Tuesday. “We will call it ‘radical Islamic terrorism. We will target the ideology, and we will call them out for being evil,” Gorka stated. MSNBC’s Ali Velshi and Stephanie Ruhle then tried to criticize Gorka’s use of the phrase.

Velshi asked Gorka how it would help stop terror attacks if the White House called the problem “radical Islamic terrorism.” Gorka then engaged a clever metaphor to help them understand. Gorka argued, “If you, God forbid, caught cancer, and the hospital was forbidden from calling it cancer and said, ‘You have the flu. Go home and hydrate and take some aspirins, would you actually have the right treatment?.'” Ruhle responded, smugly, that there’s still no cure for cancer and that it doesn’t matter what you call it if it will still kill you.

Velshi then accused Gorka of not having a good answer. Gorka fired back by saying that “if you misdiagnose anything, whether it’s a serious disease or a serious international geopolitical threat, you will never solve it.” The White House Adviser then criticized the Obama administration for blaming this geopolitical issue on economic conditions and societal disenfranchisement

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“It is about people having an ideology that is evil, and it has to be destroyed.”

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