This has to be a new low point for CNN in the deception department. It also doesn’t say much for Democrat candidate Andrew Gillum’s mom that she was in on the deception. Watch below as the CNN reporter plays a game of deception:

LOL just interviewed a “random” person at the Gillum rally who said Obama’s presence helped influence her vote and it turned out she was Gillum’s mom.

This tweet set off a firestorm of hysterical comments:

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Gillum has been running on identity politics so it goes without saying that he would have Obama, the king of identity politics, show up to speak on his behalf. The former president delivered a doozy of a speech that covered all the bases:

Our former president continued his unprecedented criticism of President Trump today during an appearance in Miami, Florida for Andrew Gillum and Bill Nelson. Never before have we had a former president criticize the current president as Obama has in the past two years. This is beyond just criticism…it’s mocking, making fun of our president…Uncool!

This short clip of Obama has it all: – Mocks Ebola outbreak that killed thousands – Mocks press for caring about Hillary’s e-mails. – Mocks Trump for cell phone use – Says “a bunch of poor refugees” not a threat – Says Trump moving troops to border is “a political stunt”

Every single one of the things listed that Obama mocked our president for are very serious things encountered by our government or the American people. Making fun of them is sophomoric at best.

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s breach of classified information is a very serious topic. It was reported that the breach could have caused the deaths of several intel agents.

President Trump refuted the claim about his phone. So there’s that. No, China isn’t listening to President Trump’s phone calls on his cell phone.

Former President Obama might want to check out the videos below that show violence at the border between Guatemala and Mexico…”poor refugees” throwing rocks. Also, he should listen to Jamiel Shaw. His son was murdered by someone who came across our border unchecked. Listen to Mr. Shaw and speak after President Trump introduced him at the SOTU. This man’s heart is forever broken because of our open borders.

Troops at the border? It is NOT a political stunt but it is EXACTLY what a president is sworn to do…Protect the citizens of America!

It’s interesting to read the comments from Democrats who claim to know that the caravan heading our way is completely harmless. It’s almost as if they dislike our president so much that they’re willing to let thousands converge on our border. What they should be asking is why Democrats have been enabling open borders to allow noncitizens to eat up billions in tax dollars…Yes, BILLIONS!

Please listen to our incredible and brave president deliver an honest assessment of how we are way past needing a reality check on immigration and border control. He’s 100% spot on!

Illegal immigration affects the lives of all Americans. Illegal Immigration hurts American workers, burdens American taxpayers, undermines public safety, and places enormous strain on local schools, hospitals and communities…


These people are economic migrants that cost thousands…Is this something America can afford? We say No!


Twitter responses under President Trump’s statement are over the top. The left has become all for open borders but do they even know the consequences? Look at Europe!

It’s pretty unbelievable to read comments about a foreign caravan approaching our border but all the left cares about is their dislike for President Trump. It’s evident that many Americans don’t understand legal vs. illegal immigration.

The cluelessness and vitriol is just unbelievable. Much of the blame goes to the leftist media that continuously beats the anti-Trump drum and promotes propaganda 24/7.

“It’s time for Americans to start thinking like Israelis rather than like Germans when it comes to defending their country.”

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