The former Assistant Defense Secretary who has been on the hot seat for her admission that Trump was being spied on by the Obama administration made an appearance on CNBC to backpedal her comments. The problem is she probably got herself in more trouble by speaking up to clear the air. What she should have done is lawyer up and kept her mouth shut. If she was getting advice, whoever gave her that advice was 100% wrong in having her speak one more sentence about this.

Remember when she appeared on MSNBC on March 2nd you couldn’t shut her up about the surveilling of Trump and Trump staff. She’s now saying she only commented on what was in the press. Well, the tweet about Obama surveillance of Trump was on March 4th!


“We were having a transition of power from the Obama administration to the Trump administration. If indeed there was an investigation ongoing, if indeed there was information the Obama administration had about Russian interference and possible American involvement, I wanted to make sure Congress knew about it. I was out of the government at the time all this came out into the press and I only knew what I read in the press, but KNOWING-uh HEARING that our intelligence community was looking into this, investigating into what had happened. Understanding the relationship between Wikileaks and the Russian government I could kinda read between the lines and I became very concerned even without having any inside information.”

Mark Levin gave the best rundown of we’ve heard on this:

Via: Gateway Pundit



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