Will this be the nail in the coffin for the Obama/Clinton crime families? They’ve been able to skate through so many scandals and lawless deeds but this seems so different. Last night, Washington DC Lawyer Victoria Toensing told how the FBI witness ties Obama to the uranium one scandal:

Obama knew of the criminality involved with the Russia Uranium One deal because he got daily briefings on it! How is it that Obama knew of this yet he approved the sale of American uranium to the Russians anyway?!

The informant is an American businessman who worked undercover as an FBI confidential witness. He was silenced via gag order from exposing what he witnessed.

John Solomon: Just a little bit ago before we came on Victoria and I talked and she was able to confirm to me that her client has information that Director Mueller and President Obama and other officials were briefed on this investigation in real time as it was going on…

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Attorney Victoria Toensing: My client was told this information, now maybe the bureau is bluffing but I don’t think so because they were very specific. They said that the briefing made it into President Obama’s daily briefing papers. So I don’t think they made that up.


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