Bartolo Fuentes was just interviewed by leftist rag the Daily Beast and claimed he helped launch the huge caravan marching our way. Fuentes claims he began coordinating with a group of about 200 in Honduras who wanted to make the trip north.

“No one expected this human avalanche,” Fuentes told the Daily Beast in an interview published Tuesday.

What changed everything was a TV report on a Honduran news channel:

NYP reports:

A woman reportedly part of the caravan told TV anchors of Fuentes’ efforts, and she mentioned “assistance.” The anchors then supposedly said Fuentes would pay migrants’ food and transportation costs — which he denied in an interview.

Still, thousands took a chance, since a human-smuggling “coyote” charges upwards of $7,000 to take someone across the US border.

“After that news program, I started to get hundreds of calls, then it took on a life of its own,” Fuentes said.

The question we have now is who is funding the food and transportation costs if Fuentes claims he isn’t? Fuentes was briefly detained while traveling with the caravan then deported back to Honduras to a heroes welcome.  Wilmer Simon Gomez and Michael Fajardo were detained with Fuentes.

Every day the news coverage only inspires more people to make the trek to the U.S. with promises of a better life. The big problem is that Fuentes says he never said he could financially support the trip for everyone. Word still travels amongst the people that they will be taken care of. Who is funding this if Fuentes claims it’s not him? Is money being funneled through Fuentes to the caravan?

In any case, the people saw a chance to pass through and come to America because of the news program:

“When I saw the news report, I said ‘This is my opportunity It grabbed my attention that we could pass easily. It impressed a lot of people.”



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