Senator Bernie Sanders, the 2020 Socialist presidential candidate, who’s running under the banner of the Democrat Party loves to demonize “the rich.” Sanders, who openly expresses his hatred for greedy rich Americans, tells his followers he’s running for office because he wants to level the playing field. He’s promising more freebies than American taxpayers could ever afford—and the young college students, who want someone else to pay off their student loans, are following him around like the Pied Piper.

In the beginning, way before Bernie Sanders ever dreamed of being a lifetime politician, he never held a steady job and struggled financially.

Politico recently reported about how Bernie Sanders struggled financially as a single father while revealing how he never held an actual job. They also reported about how the 77-year-old self-described democratic socialist is a three-home-owning millionaire with a net worth approaching at least $2 million. Their net-worth estimate takes into account his publicly outlined assets and liabilities along with the real estate he owns outright.

Bernie may hate the rich, but the multi-millionaire socialist certainly doesn’t mind living like the 1%.

Giancarlo Sopo posted images that were sent to him by a friend, of the Socialist-Democrat candidate reportedly flying first class section of the plane, on his way to the Democratic Presidential debate.

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According to The Gateway Pundit, On Thursday Bernie Sanders penned an op-ed in The Wall Street Journal calling President Trump, the greatest economic president in US history, “the worst kind of socialist.”

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