What a nut job! A 10th-grade teacher invited radicals into the classroom to brainwash and enlist children to join the radical group BAMN. A brave student recorded these commies describing stuff that’s totally made up. This is total indoctrination and fear mongering that should never be allowed to take place in school.

They’re making Trump sound like he’s doing something terribly wrong. Enforcing the law is pretty much a normal thing but we had 8 years of Obama’s lawlessness that it’s foreign for these people to understand the rule of law.

“A California teacher was caught on a cellphone camera having Livier Perez from BAMN, an organization known for promoting and acting upon violence, to speak to and recruit 10th-grade high school students.”

Towards the end of the video a student asks them to clarify their policy on immigration…you’ll love the answer: Open borders for everyone and free healthcare too! Unbelievable!


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We’re being attacked every day by radials trying to brainwash our kids. Be aware!

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