There are 20 Democrats who at certain times have called for Comey to be fired but all you hear this morning is that the firing was done by Trump to stop the Russia investigation. The hypocrisy is HUGE!

These people are desperately trying to keep this ball moving down the field. The problem is that there is no ‘there’ there in the Trump/Russia investigation.

Even Maxine Waters said the Russia investigation has nothing on Trump:

There is probably no one in Congress more openly opposed to President Donald Trump than Maxine Waters. We have already seen that she has called for Trump’s impeachment. Therefore when even Waters states there is not yet any evidence at this time of Trump-Russia collusion, that is certainly significant. That is why it is astonishing that Washington Post opinion writer Jonathan Capehart left that significant admission made during his own podcast off his May 9 column about it.

First let us listen to the segment of Capehart’s podcast in which Waters made her surprising admission:

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How convenient for the left-leaning publication to leave out a direct statement by Maxine Waters. By the way, the title of the article is a rip roaring race baiting title:

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Maxine Waters: Jeff Sessions believes ‘it’s his job to keep minorities in their place’

Who does this in 2017? Jeff Sessions is such a good man who DOES NOT deserve such a nasty comment from Congresswoman Waters. Shame on her and shame on Capehart for making this comment the title!

JONATHAN CAPEHART: I’ve got to ask you, because you leveled a whole lot of accusations out there about collusions and hacking and all of that. Have you seen anything, either through the intelligence briefings, anything to back up any of the accusations that you’ve made?

MAXINE WATERS: First of all, don’t forget that all of our intelligence agencies say, yes, they have the documentation that they did the hacking on the DNC and on some of us.

CAPEHART: But the collusion, though?

WATERS: No, we have not.
That’s why investigations are so important, to drill down and to connect those dots and to get the facts. What we have is a lot of smoke that causes us to want to know more about what has happened. Why is it there are so many people around him are connected to oil? Why is it that Michael Flynn, who evidently has a great relationship with Putin, who has received payments for so-called speeches and who’s spent a lot of time in Russia and was accused of talking about sanctions, he lied about it and he got caught?

In his column writeup about his podcast interview with Maxine Waters, Capehart tossed that admission of no evidence of Trump-Russia collusion down the memory hole.

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