Today, after pretending it didn’t exist for over one year, the leftist propaganda publication the New York Times finally admitted the laptop from Hunter Biden, a member of the Biden Crime family, does indeed exist.

Last year, Joe Biden arrogantly told the media that the story about the contents of his son Hunter Biden’s laptop being recovered from a repair shop in Delaware is, “Russian disinformation.”


Hunter Biden was also asked about the recovery of the laptop that is filled with unethical content, including pornography.

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki was asked about Hunter’s laptop today, watch how she responded:

Yet another reporter asked about Hunter’s laptop. Psaki dismissed the question, saying that it’s none of her business because Hunter doesn’t work for the White House that she represents.

But in September 2021, Jen Psaki boldly parroted her boss, Joe Biden, calling the contents of Hunter’s laptop “Russian disinformation.”

In October 2020, during an appearance on CNN with Wolf Blitzer, top congressional LIAR, Rep. Adam Schiff demanded that the “smear” related to the discovery of Hunter’s laptop is part of a “Russian disinformation campaign” and that “This whole smear on Joe Biden comes from the Kremlin.”

In a tweet that included a stunning interview with then acting DNI John Ratcliffe and Fox News’ Maria Bartiromo discussing Hunter Biden’s laptop, Donald Trump Jr. ripped into the partisan hack congressman whose sole mission is to destroy his father:

It’s almost like Adam Schiff, the Dems & the media are all repeating false propaganda about “Russian disinfo” w/ ZERO EVIDENCE, to hide Joe Biden‘s corruption from the American people. “Hunter Biden’s laptop is NOT part of some Russian disinformation campaign.” – @DNI_Ratcliffe

Watch Joe Biden tell Fox News reporter Peter Doocy that the stories about his son Hunter’s laptop are “Russian disinformation?”

On Oct. 21, 2020, Fox News confirmed that the FBI is in possession of the laptop. Curiously, the story went dead until today when the Democrat Party’s favorite propaganda piece released an article confirming that Hunter Biden’s stunning laptop was indeed legitimate, and all hell broke lose.

Watch Joe Biden call the investigation “the same garbage Rudy Giuliani…Trump’s henchman—it’s a last ditch effort in his desperate campaign to smear me and my family.” He added that

This video perfectly sums up the corruption of the Biden Crime family:

Meanwhile, the phony J6 committee continues to drag President Trump’s children into their disgusting J6 Witch Trials, in an attempt to discredit their father over his crime of being the most popular president in American history.

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