CNN and many other news outlets think they’re smarter than all of us who are on social media. A fake news story has been going around the web that makes President Trump look like he committed a faux pas while participating in a traditional Japanese ceremony. In a video posted early Monday morning, CNN noted that Trump fed fish with Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe by “emptying the whole box of food into a koi pond” during his tour of Asia…THAT’S NOT WHAT REALLY HAPPENED!

What they didn’t show is that the Japanese Prime Minister poured out his food BEFORE President Trump did the same:

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Yes, the news media has been keeping this fake news story going. WGN Chicago had a misleading photo and title today that even anti-Trump readers called them out on it. Well, well, well…We looked and the post has been removed from Facebook. We’re glad we got a screenshot of this!

Yes, it looks like Trump was the jerk who spoiled the moment by dumping the food BUT it’s NOT true!


Even though most people know the story is fake, there are those anti-Trump dumbos who bought it hook, line and sinker:

CNN started this fake news ball rolling and news outlets like Chicago’s WGN kept it going…How many other local news outlets did the same? And we wonder how Trump’s supposed “poll numbers” could be so low? How does President Trump fight a media that constantly does this?

Please spread the truth on this!

Here’s the CNN video:


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