Does your child spend time on social media? Unless they’re Amish, you should probably assume they do. My teenage daughter just shared with me one of the most racist, self-loathing articles with me that I have ever seen in print. This is the most hateful, racist articles aimed at shaming young, white Americans that you’ve have ever seen. As we took a closer look at students featured in this “Buzzfeed” article, we were stunned by some of the racist postings we found on their social media accounts.

I suppose it’s okay for Buzzfeed to publish an article with the sole purpose of bashing its young white users, because thanks to Barack and Michelle Obama (the ultimate victims), who have been sowing the seeds of racism, division and hate from the White House, it’s perfectly acceptable to trash white Americans. Never mind that Barack Obama is the President of the United States. What black United States President who was elected twice by a majority white nation would still consider himself and his wife victims of racism?  

Here are some of the examples we found from the Buzzfeed article titled: “19 School Powerpoint Presentations That Give Zero F*cks” This article, and hundreds more just like it, show up in your children’s Snapchat social media feeds, a place where teenagers and young adults frequently go to interact with each other, and where they are constantly bombarded with leftist indoctrination garbage like this:


“Controversial Tay” appears to be very proud of herself and how she’s stirring it up at school, she actually goes as far as to say, “One day I feel like my professors just gon stop letting me do presentations.”

Hmmm…wonder why?


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Robin “Had the white kids shook” by her presentation. How did she think it was going to make them feel good? Wasn’t that exactly the reaction she was going for?


Here’s Indigo whose got a bucket ready for your “white tears.”

As an added bonus, we also found this video on Indigo’s Twitter account: 

Watch this disrespectful black teenage girl attack her teacher during class, and twist his words to fit her narrative after he said, “I want [America] to control the borders.” She quickly turns it into a race issue, using his statement about the controlling the borders to suggest he, “doesn’t want too many Latinos in our country.” She tells him “because you are white and you are so closed-minded” that he “doesn’t accept the truth.” The teacher calls her out on her previous statement that, “white people are in control of everything,” by asking her what color our current President is? Watch how she quickly blames Congress for being white, which apparently makes a black man who holds the highest office in our nation somehow insignificant.  Amazing…


One of the most race-obsessed teachers on social media that I have ever seen, posted this tweet to his Twitter account. He calls himself “Zellie” and this is his Twitter profile: All Black Everything. Teacher. Blogger. Activist. Brother. Son. Contact: [email protected]

Does anyone wanna take bets about whether or not he would be offended if he saw someone on Twitter saying they were “All White Everything”?

In any case, Buzzfeed chose one of his Twitter posts that shows a student telling a group of students if you believe there is diversity, “You’re probably a racist.”:

And another post by the race-obsessed teacher made it to Buzzfeed’s top 19 most racist social media posts. Here is #7.

Oh look…white people who “Wanna Be A Nigga!” The teacher  who calls himself “zellie” on Twitter used laughing emoji’s when he shared this on Twitter as a way to express to viewers how funny he thought this was:


This user brags about how she’s about to shame her fellow students by suggesting, “She about to fry them. #Love it!”:


Now this one is just plain hilarious! Here’s a white student who appears to be giving the presenter his full attention and respect, while this black student (who is the presenter) places “White People Are A Plague To The Planet” on the screen for the entire class to see. Pretty funny huh? You can see why Buzzfeed chose them as their #9 pick:

This Buzzfeed article would lead you to believe this is a common theme among black high school students, that white people are a plague. And good for him…According to his tweet, this racist clown got an “A” on his racist presentation.  Again, it’s really no secret why Buzzfeed chose this tweet. It’s their #10:

And then of course, there’s the “White People Are Crazy” slide. This student didn’t mention the grade he got. This gem was posted to Tumblr and was Buzzfeed’s #11:

We’re going to end this sickening display of racism at #12. We’ve had enough and we’re pretty sure you have as well. It doesn’t matter what the color of your skin is, this display of hate and racism is unacceptable from any publication. Buzzfeed should be ashamed of themselves for putting this crap out there, and then paying to promote it on a social media sites geared towards teens and young adults.

Our final presenter is simply making the point that he is a victim. Can anyone guess who made him a victim? If your skin color is white, we’re pretty sure it was you.


Radical publications like Buzzfeed are not the only problem. Many of our educators are also indoctrinating our children with the, “all white’s are racists” narrative. When are parents going to start taking a stand, and tell the educators at the schools their children attend they are not going to stand by and watch them shame their children? It may be all the rage in high schools and colleges to unfairly accuse white people of racism and hate, but that doesn’t mean you, or your kids have to go along with it.

For the entire slide show, go to Buzzfeed. Make sure to leave a comment, and let them know how you feel about the garbage they’re putting out to your kids disguised as “news.” Teenagers and young adults have a hard enough time dealing with self-image and everyday teenage insecurities. Suicide rates and depression are off the charts for teens. Buzzfeed is just doing their part to pile on, and make your kids feel guilty or ashamed for the color of skin they were born with. 

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