Last night, with the help of immature Democrat lawmakers, who walked out of President Trump’s SOTU speech, and Nancy Pelosi’s embarrassing act of tearing up President Trump’s speech, Democrats likely sealed their fate in the 2020 elections.

The Democrats are doing irreparable damage to their brand and they’re so blinded by hatred for President Trump, they don’t even care…

Today, Alabama Sen. Doug Jones, the most endangered Democrat in this November’s elections, announced that he will vote to convict President Donald Trump today at the Senate Impeachment vote.

Bye-bye Doug…

Democrat Senator Doug Jones won a special election in 2017, in the red state of Alabama after the Democrat Party and their allies in the media destroyed Judge Roy Moore over unproven claims of sexual assault that allegedly took place decades before the election.

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President Trump won the state of Alabama by 28 points in 2016.

The AP reports – “After many sleepless nights, I have reluctantly concluded that the evidence is sufficient to convict the president for both abuse of power and obstruction of Congress,” Jones said in a written statement.

Jones’ announcement was significant for Democrats, who are hoping their party will present a united front by unanimously voting to remove Trump from office. That would deny Trump and his GOP allies a campaign season talking point that the Senate’s virtually certain acquittal of Trump was bipartisan.

Almost every comment under Jones’ tweet about voting to convict President Trump on both impeachment articles was negative.

You ran for office saying you wouldn’t embarrass us, then proceeded to side with the furthest left people in Congress lol

Yes, and you make it more divisive to vote for either article of impeachment. I hope this will remove you from office because @realDonaldTrump has done more for the American people than your Party line vote. You vote to remove the power away from the American People. Disgusting!

Jones also voted to include witnesses in the Senate Impeachment trial.

William Markham shot back at the Democrat Senator over his decision to drag out the Senate Impeachment trial by voting “yes” on witnesses, telling him: I’m a voter in Alabama and even called your office but You sir let me down by voting for witnesses. I sure hope you have enjoyed your time in office cause in November YOU will be VOTED OUT!


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