When a state has legislated themselves into an unrecoverable financial crisis, and they’re offering health care to 170,000 illegal immigrants…the only solution is to find a way to start eliminating costs. While most people would turn to cutting unnecessary government programs, compassionate Californians instead, turn to finding ways to eliminate humans who are a drain on the system.

The Democrats appear to have found a solution to the massive costs of caring for humans. If you’re living outside of the womb (we already know you have no rights if you’re living inside the womb in CA) and are a burden on society, you might want to consider packing your bags and making a quick exit out of Communist California…  

Democrats in California might have found a solution for the burgeoning costs of Medi-Cal which still doesn’t provide any palliative care and offers only one in every three a chance of getting cancer treatments. The solution they’ve come up with is doctor-assisted suicide also known as euthanasia. That’s right, they’re going to end the lives of some people on the program.

They are willing to put their money where their mouths are and Governor Moonbeam Brown, in addition to putting it in the budget, will allow this expansion to take place before the new proposed law even takes effect.

It’s hard to remember a case where they were this enthusiastic and worked this fast.

The lethal drugs will cost $5400 per patient but it’s a lot cheaper than keeping them alive and providing care.

The proponents claim it has nothing to do with saving costs but they said it during the session called to address the ever-growing deficit in Medi-Cal.

CA Governor Jerry Brown

Enthusiastically, Governor Moonbeam put $2.3 million into the budget to off 443 Medi-Cal patients. The doctor of death only has to visit twice and only nine of the planned 443 targeted patients will be sent for mental health evaluations.

The proponents want another quarter million to hire staff to help with the Euthanasia regulations and DHCS wants another $323,000 to set up a database.

One of the original authors of the bill, Senator Bill Monning (D-Carmel), has proposed a toll-free number for the public to find out how to arrange suicide with the help of a doctor.

No effort will be too small to get this sure-fire deficit buster going.

“Liberals” love this sort of thing.

Leftist Robert Reich on assisted suicide:

Dr. Kevorkian once went to jail for this.

California just extended Medi-Cal to 170,000 illegal immigrant children and they want to extend it to all illegal immigrants. They will have to end a lot of lives to cover the costs. Liberals don’t worry about costs until after the program is implemented. Now that Daddy Government is in charge of your healthcare, he’s also in charge of your death.

Weasel Zippers Via: Independent Sentinel


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