US House editor of the non-partisan Cook Report, Dave Wasserman tweeted about House races that are flipping to red after several days of counting the final votes. One race in particular that Democrats have been watching is the Burgess Owens race in Utah. The Hall-of-Famer retired NFL player, Burgess Owens, a black Republican who has been one of President Trump’s biggest cheerleaders, was down in the count, but now, it appears he has taken a sizeable lead.

Another race has many CA residents questioning what’s happening is the race between David Valadao (R) and TJ Cox (D) in California’s 21st District.

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The Gateway Pundit reports- As soon as Republican congressional candidate David Valadao pulled ahead of Democrat Cox on Tuesday night, elections officials halted counting ballots due to “Covid-19 exposure.”

Kings County’s Elections Department announced they are suspending canvassing operations until Saturday, November 21st, due to a COVID-19 exposure.

“The Kings County Elections Department will be temporarily closed due to a COVID-19 exposure. As a precautionary measure, all Election canvass operations will cease effective immediately,” Kings County said in a statement.

“The canvass activities will resume on Saturday, November 21, 2020, at 8:00 AM and will continue until the canvass is completed,” they added.

A tweet by Rob Pyers explains the sudden halt to the count as GOP candidate Valadao took the lead.

Kings County’s Elections Dept (Valadao’s home turf & a GOP stronghold) just announced they are suspending canvassing operations until Saturday, November 21st, due to a COVID-19 exposure.

The last ballot dump out of CA21 put Republican Valadao ahead of Democrat Cox by 4,041 votes, and just like that—canvassing operations ceased!

California Republicans won several congressional seats this election cycle because President Trump carried the down-ballot to victory.

Joe Biden did not get 75 million votes; otherwise, he would have carried down-ballot Democrats to victory. Instead, Democrats got shellacked.

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