California is overrun with homeless people, illegal aliens, the resurgence of medieval diseases, human feces, Democrat lawmakers and rats. No wonder so many people are leaving the communist, sanctuary state for lower taxes and states that actually put its citizens before their radical liberal agendas.

According to CBS – California’s housing crisis is leading to more people sleeping in their cars and now the state may require its biggest cities and counties to provide a safe parking lot, including access to bathrooms, to those with no place to stay.

Assembly Bill 891 passed the full Assembly Friday and now goes to the Senate.

It would require cities and counties with more than 330,000 people to establish a safe parking program by June 1, 2022. The safe parking programs would be required to have a bathroom facility and onsite security. Those wishing to use the safe parking would need to apply and possibly undergo a background check.

Analysis done by the Homeless Policy Research Institue found most safe parking programs that already exist require those who want to participate have a valid driver’s license, vehicle registration, and insurance; sex offenders and recent violent felons are also generally prohibited from using the lots.

Once the safe parking programs are established, cities and counties would work with local nonprofits to make sure those who live in their cars know about the option.

Why would anyone want to move to the state of California? Why would anyone want to stay there?


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