Encinitas Union School District in California recently posted a promotional flier for a Halloween party that self-labeled itself as “the queerest free Halloween party for youth & families.” The event, put on by TransFamily Support Services, features a family-friendly drag show, which enraged parents within the community.

‘Boo Bash’ flier promoted by EUSD

On Tuesday night, a group of about 60 members of the school district gathered to protest against this event and demanded the school board explain itself for choosing to promote the queerfest on its digital community page.

One mother in particular really laid into the school board, accusing them of grooming the children in the district and exposing them to a completely inappropriate event.

Brittany Mayer

Community activist and mother Brittany Mayer demanded that the school board explain to the community what exactly makes a drag show ‘family-friendly.’ She said,

“I just want to know what it is, uh, that makes a drag show ‘family-friendly,’ because, if you follow it to its logical conclusion, you can slap ‘family-friendly’ titles on anything. You can have family-friendly gentlemen’s clubs, family-friendly strip shows, family-friendly ’50 Shades of Grey’ read-alouds.”

“Would you approve my flier if I want to host an ‘all the sex secrets of the Karma Sutra for kids and families’ if it’s family-friendly?” asked Mayer.

She continued to question the appeal of a drag show targeted to minors, asking,

“What is it about a grown man – and I honestly, sincerely, as a woman mean this – what is it about a grown man, costumed in a sparkly bra with augmented boobs busting out, a leather miniskirt barely covering his twerking a** with duct tape on his front, while spreading his fishnetted legs as he writhes on the ground grinding his groin next to a minor?”

And, although the school district had pulled the promotional flier from its community page after the backlash, the mother demanded more of a response than that.

“You owe an explanation and an apology to every parent,” she insisted.

Mayer didn’t stop there. She tore into the members of the school board who approved the distribution of the flier, accusing them of engaging in groomer behavior. She said,

“And while we have a culture that has a massive problem with child porn, with sex trafficking, you, a little school district board of ADULTS made the decision to feature an event to hypersexualize young children. Do you want to know the word that defines that? It’s ‘groomer.’ You all played the activist pimp for an Align Surgical center and for a 21+ gay bar.

The event planned by the school was sponsored by Align Surgical Associates Inc., a sex-change surgical center, and it is also partnered with a 21+ gay bar and nightclub called Rich’s. Both of which are inappropriate sponsors for an event targeted to the community’s youth.

Ignoring the community’s logical and well-voiced opposition to this event, San Diego County Supervisor, Democrat Terra Lawson-Remer, resorted to name-calling to avoid answering any of the questions posed by the district’s families.

“The parents in my home school district (Encinitas Union) protesting the Halloween Drag Show should be ashamed of themselves for pushing hate and intolerance on all of us,” tweeted Lawson-Remer, trying to create the illusion of moral high ground. The Democrat also vowed to bring her 3-year-old son to the event.

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