Nascar Star Bobby East was murdered in California by a homeless parolee who was later killed in a confrontation with police

Nascar fans mourn the loss of star Bobby East, killed Wednesday by a homeless parolee. However, justice has been served as the suspected murderer was shot during a confrontation with police Saturday.

Nascar star Bobby East

Bobby East was once hailed as the “winningest rookie” in Nascar since over 25 years ago and established himself as a star in the American racing scene. Wednesday afternoon, while he was filling up his car at a gas station in Westminster, California, a man stabbed him in the chest, ultimately killing him.

The suspect, a homeless parolee named Trent William Millsap, was located days later, and a SWAT team raided the apartment he was found in. During the confrontation, Millsap was shot and killed by law enforcement as they tried to arrest him.

Deceased suspect Trent William Millsap

No officers were shot or injured during the raid. However, a K-9 was hit by a stray bullet and suffered injuries that were, thankfully, non-life threatening.

Millsap, described as a transient, was also accused of stabbing another man at the same gas station, and he had an outstanding parole warrant.


The reason for his parole is currently unclear; however, what is more, clear is that the man was a dangerous individual who should not have been let out of prison.

Much of California is soft on crime and eager to let criminals out on parole. In Los Angeles, crooked DA George Gascon is currently in the process of making it even easier for recidivism by making the parole process easier still and disbanding a group of prosecutors who normally inform victims and their families when their assailant has been released.

Radical left criminal justice “reform” is responsible for the death of Bobby East just as much as Millsap himself is.

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