This Georgia case of a woman attacking her family with a knife raises many questions about our refugee program.

The first question is why we are STILL taking in refugees from Somalia. Do you know how many Somali refugees have come in the past decade?  Over 97K mostly uneducated and mostly Muslim Somalis (99.7) have come to America.

Shouldn’t we set the bar much higher for people we bring into our country? Listen carefully to the video below and you’ll know more of the refugee history of this family who moved from California to Georgia after they came to America.


The Georgia Bureau of Investigation has released the identity of the woman who died Saturday morning in an officer-involved shooting in Johns Creek. The woman, identified as 36-year-old Shukri Ali Said, was pronounced dead at Emory Johns Creek Hospital following the April 28 incident near Northview High School.

Officers with the agency were dispatched just after 7 a.m. April 28 to a call of a “demented person armed with a knife” in the 300 block of Winherst Lane, said Police Department spokesperson Capt. Chris Byers.


The woman refused to drop the knife. What are the police to do? CAIR jumped in right away to make a claim that because the woman was wearing a hijab that the cops shot her. Could it be that she refused to drop the knife after they did everything they could?


“It is also possible that law enforcement reacted differently to Shukri, a Somali-American woman who was reportedly wearing a hijab and a dress at the time of the shooting, than they would have reacted to another individual.”

Leo Homann reports: 

How many times has a Muslim migrant attacked innocent Americans and the Council on American-Islamic Relations or some other advocacy group swoops in to suggest that the attack was a result of mental illness?

Please listen closely to this local report about the family and the woman who came to the US as refugees:

Notice how CAIR is claiming racism by the police when it’s clear that this woman was a danger to her family and to others.

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