City council members of Huntington Beach, California, voted to ban mask and vaccine mandates after a lengthy debate.

Despite reports of rising COVID-19 cases, the city council voted 4-3 to ban the authoritarian, unlawful orders.

All government starts locally, and it’s imperative to hold local public servants accountable for any violation of our inalienable rights.

Mayor Pro Tem Gracey Van Der Mark introduced the measure and would eventually declare Huntington Beach a “no-mask, no-vaccine mandate city.”

However, there’s one exception to the measure.

Individuals who tested positive for COVID-19 would face mask requirements in certain settings, according to KTLA 5.


KTLA 5 reports:

Citizens who supported the ban said wearing masks and receiving a vaccine should be a personal choice, while critics argued against the lack of protection for the general public and the immunocompromised.

City officials will return to the council and present a resolution to vote on at the next scheduled hearing.

The L.A. Department of Public Health reported a steady rise in COVID transmission throughout the state beginning in late June, with recent data also showing hospitalizations are continuing to soar.

With flu season fast approaching along with rising COVID and RSV cases, health officials are urging the public to prepare for a possible “tripledemic” this fall.

Local public servants in some municipalities will likely attempt to reimplement mask and vaccine mandates.

We’ve already seen instances of institutions, such as schools and hospitals, reinstate these tyrannical measures.

It’s up to We the People to say ‘NO’ to these COVID tyrants.

Public servants have no authority to impose any type of mandate on free men and women, and it’s time they learn to remain in their box.

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