In case you were under the false impression that folks who think modern day schools are nothing more than leftist indoctrination centers are a few french fries short of a full happy meal, Bonita High School in La Verne, California is saying otherwise.

Parents and local law enforcement officers were furious with the school after it’s magazine published highly offensive cartoons depicting President Trump as a Nazi and police officers as members of the KKK, aiming firearms at a black child.

The magazine, known as “The Pawprint,” is a student publication at the school. Apparently the students in charge of the editorial pulled the cartoons from a Google images search.

Fox News has more details:

One drawing shows a swastika hiding underneath Trump’s hair. Another portrays a uniformed police officer in a white hood pointing a pistol at a baby-faced black child holding a bag of skittles, in an apparent reference to Trayvon Martin – the teen who bought the candy before being shot by George Zimmerman in 2012.

La Verne Police were fuming at the cartoons and several parents also objected, according to Fox Los Angeles. The article featuring the images has since been pulled, both online and on campus.

The author of the piece was reportedly making a larger point about the usefulness of artwork to broach controversial topics, but on social media, parents voiced their concerns about the tone and message of the cartoons.

“My son is beyond excited to become a bearcat next year, but this makes me wonder if we made the right choice,” Jacqueline DeMonaco Bradley wrote in a Facebook comment, referring to the mascot at Bonita High.

Mayor of La Verne Don Kendrick stated that the choice to include the cartoons was a “very bad decision” by one teacher.

The school district later released the following statement in response to the controversy:

“There is a California Education Code that affirms the First Amendment rights of student newspapers,” Carl Coles, the interim superintendent of the Bonita School District, said in the statement. “The student journalist’s article does not represent the views of Bonita High School or the District.”

This sort of hatred and bigotry rolling out of schools toward Trump, conservatives, and police officers has become more and more common place over the last few years, as progressives begin to more aggressively push their worldview on children in an attempt to prepare them to be mini statists who are loyal to a fault to the federal government.

Just one more reason why parents need to be ever vigilant about the stuff their kids are being taught in the classroom.

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