A local California fire department got an emergency call from Pollock Pines, California on Wednesday. The fire department arrived at the scene and found a man unresponsive.

It turns out that 67-year-old Robert Mardis Sr. was dependent on oxygen and died just 12 minutes after Pacific Gas and Electric shut down power.

Robert Mardis and his wife had been staying at their daughter’s home on Sly Park Road due to his failing health:

“My father and mother were staying with us because he has COPD, congestive heart failure and we wanted to be on top of everything with the power supposed to be going out.”

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Mardis Sr.’s daughter believes the power shut down played a role even though the cause of death hasn’t been determined:

Mardis Sr.’s daughter, Marie Aldea, told FOX 40 that her father had several health issues and she believes the power cuts were involved in his death.
She said: ‘He had health issues. He had really bad COPD, which didn’t help, and he had congestive heart failure and other health issues, but the power going off and him not being able to get to his oxygen is, I believe, is what did it.’ 
Mardis Sr.’s oxygen tank reportedly lost power during PG&E’s power shutdown and he was unable to reach his battery-operated oxygen tank in time.
‘He’ll never see my kids get married, he’ll never see his grandchildren,’ Aldea said.
‘How do you fix that? You don’t. You can’t. Something got taken away from me that I can never get back, and I will miss my father forever.’

A PG&E spokesman has not been able to confirm the accuracy of the report.

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The safety plan that was implemented to prevent the wildfires in the area included the power outage.

Do you believe Mardis Sr.’s daughter should sue thestate of California for the death of her father?

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