The left just can’t handle losing and they’re having a temper tantrum…in Berkeley, California…Land of Fruits and Nuts…and Sour Grapes



Thousands of students from Berkeley High School walked out of class and flooded the UC Berkeley campus Wednesday morning in protest of Tuesday night’s general election victory for Republican nominee Donald Trump.

The outraged reaction to the announcement of Trump’s victory follows the chaotic scene earlier this morning, when a crowd of about 200 people — comprising largely UC Berkeley students — marched from campus down Telegraph Avenue to Oakland City Hall.


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Students planned to begin a different protest against Trump beginning Wednesday at noon, while activist group BAMN also announced an “Emergency Response Protest” later in the evening.

Students from BHS and UC Berkeley swelling at the base of the Campanile chanted, “Trump loves hate” and “Not our president” while a news helicopter circled overhead.

“I’m here because Trump discriminates against many, many minorities, but if we can unite together, then we’ll make a majority against him, which is what we need to do to survive this,” said Gigi Mancuso-Jackson, a BHS freshman at the protest.

Via: DailyCal

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