California secessionists are taking Independence Day literally…they plan on declaring their independence from the US on July 4th.

The Yes California group plans to rally in Sacramento, calling on like-minded residents to “stand up against American occupation of California” and for Trump supporters to “get out of California.”

“The Fourth of July is no longer a day to celebrate in California,” said the campaign, which is collecting signatures to place a secession measure on the 2020 ballot, in an Independence Day message.

WT reports:

Calexit has generated plenty of fireworks with its effort to spin off California as a separate country, but billionaire Tim Draper generated the biggest bang in April when he qualified his three-Californias measure for the November ballot.

The initiative, now named Proposition 9, is aimed at making California more governable by dividing it into three more manageable states named Southern California, which would include San Diego and the Central Valley; Northern California, encompassing San Francisco, and California, which would hold Los Angeles.

“It’s beautiful weather, I love California, but it’s now 50th in quality of life because people can’t afford to live here, and they move,” Mr. Draper said Monday on Fox Business.

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