After telling people that hydroxychloroquine and and Vitamin D were crazy remedies to the Wuhan CCP Virus, Progressives in California have discovered a more modest solution: pump unnatural off-label female hormones into men.


The National Pulse Reports:

“The trial, carried out by pulmonologist Sara Ghandehari of the Cedars-Sinai hospital in Los Angeles, recruited 40 male patients hospitalized with COVID-19.

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“As an ICU doctor, I was struck by the gender disparity among COVID-19 patients who were very sick, remained in the hospital, and needed ventilators,” she emphasized.

“One group acted as a control sample, for comparison, and received only the standard medical care given at that time for the disease. The experimental group, meanwhile, also received 100-milligram injections of progesterone twice daily for five days during the time they were hospitalized. All the patients were assessed by the team daily for either 15 days or until they were discharged from hospital,” a summary notes.

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“While our findings are encouraging for the potential of using progesterone to treat men with COVID-19, our study had significant limitations,” noted Dr. Ghandehari.

She explained how the sample size was relatively small and composed primarily of “White, Hispanic and obese individuals with a moderate burden of other conditions, which serve to increase the risk of worse outcomes.”

“Furthermore, while the trial was randomized and featured a control group, it was also unblinded — meaning that the research team, physicians, and patients all knew who had received the experimental treatment,” The Daily Mail added.”

The study can be found here:

What do you think, men?  Would you rather take Hydroxychloroquine + Zinc + Vitamin D or progesterone for your viral infections?  Would you advocate for diet, exercise, and sleep?  Or, would you simply get in line to pump yourself full of progesterone and call it a day?

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