Across the world, people are pushing back against the medican tyranny foisted upon them by their governments and supported by the media and corporations.  California hosted the super bowl this past weekend where SoFi stadium was sold out with over 70,000 people crowding the stands.  Despite this, many school districts in California have maintained harsh Covid-19 restrictions, putting corporate profits over the well being of children.  Residents of San Francisco decided they had enough and voted yesterday to recall three school board members over harsh covid restrictions in schools, including the school board President.  The Epoch Times Reports

“San Francisco voters on Feb. 15 overwhelmingly voted to recall three school board members, expressing their frustration with the board’s strict rules during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Alison Collins, Gabriela Lopez, and Faauuga Moliga were all recalled, with preliminary results showing at least 72 percent of voters opted to oust each one.

Lopez, the board’s president, Moliga, the board’s vice president, and Collins supported harsh measures during the pandemic. They stoked anger when they didn’t move to reopen schools and spent time on matters deemed frivolous, such as renaming school buildings.

“The impetus to it was really seeing that the school board seemed to deprioritize reopening, deprioritize a lot of things that mattered to students and parents, and instead was focused on doing a lot of things that were symbolic, that was more about politics and really not about anything to do with educating our kids,” Siva Raj, who helped lead the recall campaign, told The Epoch Times.”


The Mayor of San Francisco, Democrat London Breed, who was an opponent of the school board over stalling reopening of schools and lifting covid measures, gave a supportive statement after the recall succeeded.  The mayor said the recall shows that voters  “have delivered a clear message that the school board must focus on the essentials of delivering a well-run school system above all else.”

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