The video below is a classic  from the campaign. It’s rare that CNN doesn’t cut people off like this man. Gary Frazier gives a dose of truth serum to the panel on CNN but they won’t listen…This is awesome!

Katrina Pierson commented and then Frazier was asked to respond. Well, the last thing that CNN’s Carol costello expected was agreement from Frazier. The other panelists try and tell Frazier he’s wrong. LOL! “You tried to send us Oprah…then you sent us Obama”

The truth is that the DNC has used race as a tool to divide for decades. They don’t want the black community to rise up and see the truth. It’s been great for the Democrats to have the black community’s support and they don’t want to lose those votes. That’s why you constantly hear people in power trying to create racial strife…It’s been profitable for them in so many ways.

“Until we start to have a real conversation about what we’re going to do with those in the minority communities, how can we ever get behind such corruption?”

Thank you Gary Frazier for telling the truth!

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