A new Donald Trump commercial hits Hillary Clinton on her immigration policy BUT can you guess whose voice it is?

Via: Mediate

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“In Hillary Clinton’s America, the system stays rigged against Americans,” begins the voice over in the ad, which is called, “Two Americas: Immigration.”

The actor narrating Trump’s ad has a very recognizable voice! Did you guess Bruce McGill? His name may not be too familiar, but McGill’s face certainly will be. The 66-year-old San Antonio native is a Rizzoli & Isles regular, and most famously appeared as D-Day in Animal House:


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Funny enough, in 2001 McGill appeared in the Will Smith bio flick Ali as a Spanish-speaking Hispanic immigration official. Here’s a still of McGill in Legally Blonde 2 to make you say, “Ahh, yeah, that guy….”


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