Will Hillary’s health be the only thing she can’t hide by lying? She’s the only presidential candidate who travels with a full-time physician

Hillary Clinton stated Friday that she did not know if she could even stand up because she was so exhausted during the disastrous Democratic convention in Philly.

“By the end of those two weeks that’s exactly how I felt, it was, ‘Oh my gosh, I don’t know that I can get up, let alone what I will do if I am vertical,’” Hillary Clinton said in a campaign podcast.

“I, knock on wood, am pretty lucky because I have a lot of stamina and endurance, which is necessary in the kind of campaign I’m engaged in,” Clinton stated. Via: Breitbart News

Meanwhile a top physicians says Hillary has Parkinson’s Disease.


Hillary’s health is declining, as anyone who has looked at her can see. The question is: What condition does she have? A board certified Anesthesiologist has written a memo of Hillary’s health.

Hillary Clinton (HRC) has suffered a variety of health issues. Unfortunately, she has declined to make her medical records public. In July of 2015 her personal physician released a letter asserting her “excellent physical condition.” Unfortunately, multiple later episodes recorded on video strongly suggest that the content of the letter is incorrect. This discussion is designed to sort through the known facts and propose a possible medical explanation for these events. In keeping with Occam’s Razor, a single explanation that covers everything is preferred.

History of Hillary’s Health:

♦In 2009, HRC fell and broke her elbow. Little else was made public.[i]

♦On December 17, 2012, while Secretary of State, HRC fell and suffered a concussion.[ii]Later, a transverse sinus thrombosis was diagnosed, resulting in chronic anticoagulation therapy. [iii] Her post-concussion syndrome was declared “recovered” in about six months.[iv] The original fall was publicly attributed to dehydration following gastroenteritis.

REUTERS/Joshua Lott
REUTERS/Joshua Lott

♦An email from Huma Abedin (HRC’s closest advisor) on January 26, 2013, says that HRC “is often confused.”[v]

♦Photos show being assisted up what appears to be the steps of a residential porch. This apparently happened in February of

♦2016. On August 4, 2016, Reuters and Getty published the photos.[vi]

♦At a rally on May 2, 2016, HRC demonstrates classic PD hand posturing.[vii] She has no lectern in front, so she starts with her right hand pressed against her chest. At the 18:02 mark, she starts gesturing with her right hand, which is in a very unnatural position that is common in PD.

♦On July 21, 2016 HRC was filmed talking to reporters at close range when several spoke at once. Without warning, she started a bizarre head-bobbing episode that must be seen rather than described. After several cycles, she regained control and declared that the reporters “must try the iced chai.”[viii]


♦On July 28, 2016, during the balloon drop, HRC suddenly looks up with a frozen wide-mouth and wide-eyed stare. After a couple of seconds she regains control and a more normal expression.[ix]
On August 5, HRC declared that she had “short circuited”[x] a response to Chris Wallace in an interview that aired July 31 on Fox News Sunday.[xi]


♦August 6, 2016, at a campaign rally, HRC freezes with wide eyes in response to protestors. A large black male who commonly accompanies her leans in and tells her “It’s OK. We’re not going anywhere. Keep talking…” Shortly after, she laughs strangely and then says “OK. Here we are. We’ll keep talking.”[xii]

♦Several recent photos show HRC with an inappropriately exaggerated wide-mouthed smile and extreme wide-open eyes.

♦Several videos show her laughing inappropriately and for extended periods. Numerous events have been interrupted by prolonged episodes of coughing unrelated to any infectious cause.

This discussion will not argue that the black male is carrying a diazepam injector, since there is a plausible argument that it is actually a small flashlight, and is seen in other video to be such. We will also not discuss the circular area on her tongue. It appears to be the site of a mass excision. Benign explanations that do not bear on chronic health issues may easily be proffered.

weekend at hillarys

After the 2012 fall, HRC had post-concussion syndrome (PCS). She should have declared herself unable to fulfill her duties as Secretary of State. Her resignation from the position shortly thereafter may have satisfied this need without public medical discussion. If no other questionable medical signs had appeared, this discussion would end here. But the other events and signs point to a single cause for the fall, and it is not the public explanation. Further, HRC’s statement early in her tenure as Secretary of State that she would serve only four years can be read in the context of a progressive disease that was known as she assumed the post.

It is the premise of this discussion the HRC is most likely suffering from Parkinson’s Disease (PD).

It explains every one of the items listed above. Further, since it is a diagnosis primarily made by observation, the video record is sufficient to create a high degree of certainty.

Via: Danger and Play   h/t Gateway Pundit

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