Two days ago, Canada’s Marxist Prime Minister Justin Trudeau enacted the never-before-used Emergency Act as a way to take control of the unruly peasants fighting for freedom in the country that first elected him in 2015.

Using the Emergency Act as an excuse, Canada’s Finance Minister Chrystia Freeland and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau ordered that bank accounts be frozen for any Canadian citizen caught offering food or money to truckers protesting for freedom from COVID restrictions and mandates.

Yesterday, Tamara Lich, one of the organizers of the Trucker’s Freedom Convoy and mother of three, delivered a tearful message to her supporters, telling them that she is likely going to jail for her role in the Trucker Convoy.

The first arrest of an organizer of the Trucker’s For Freedom Convoy came today.

Chris Barber’s arrest was announced during debate in the Parliament of Canada on Thursday, CBC reported.

Barber, who is a senior convoy leader, is expected to face criminal charges, according to the CBC. He has previously said in a press release that politicians have declined to engage in “serious dialogue.”


The arrest of one of the organizers of the 100% PEACEFUL protest is chilling in and of itself, but it’s the statement by Canada’s Public Safety Minister Marco Mendocino, that should really cause alarms to go off for Canadian citizens.

Watch Mr. Mendocino attempt to tie an arrest of 4 people who were (conveniently) arrested with a truck filled with firearms and body armor in Coutts, Alberta, to the PEACEFUL protesters in Ottawa.

When asked to explain specifically HOW the four people Mendocino refers to as part of a “far-right” group, who were found with firearms in a truck in Coutts are tied to truckers in Ottawa, he fails (miserably), not only once, but several times,  to explain the connection.

Each time, instead of answering the question, he responds by saying “those are very good questions for law enforcement.” Perhaps someone from “law enforcement” should have been speaking at the press conference so they could respond to Mr. Mendocino’s outrageous accusations.


The original report seemed pretty damning…

COUTTS, Alta.— The RCMP said they had arrested more than a dozen people by Monday evening in and around Coutts who were associated with the protest, had access to a large collection of guns, and were willing “to use force against the police if any attempts were made to disrupt the blockade.”

“We knew what was about to happen or inevitably to happen, and we acted as soon as we could,” Supt. Roberta McKale told the media.

A number of investigations, including “conspiracy to attempt to commit murder” and those related to possession of weapons are taking place, she said.

So, how “dangerous” were the Coutts protesters?

After 18 days of protesting for freedom against COVID restrictions and mandates, protesters moved out of Coutts, Alberta. Before they left, the peaceful protesters lined up and hugged the RCMP officers whose jobs were made easy by the peaceful group of patriotic Canadians.

A video posted to social media showed RCMP members shaking hands with and hugging protesters. People holding hats or hands to their chests or arms draped across each other’s shoulders sang “O Canada.”


Over one year ago, the so-called “insurrection” took place inside the Capitol building in DC. Almost every week since January 6th, more evidence is uncovered that causes Americans to question if our intelligence agencies and Democrat lawmakers played a leading role in the planning and implementation of the “insurrection.”

After a second bogus Trump impeachment fell flat on its face, Democrats like Rep. Adam Schiff (CA) and Speaker Nancy Pelosi (CA) have moved on and are now using January 6th as an excuse to cast a wide net, hoping to catch as many Trump supporters as possible. This week, they began questioning GOP Chairs in each of the six contested states. Much like Justin Trudeau’s Marxist approach to punishing anyone who donated to the trucker’s freedom movement, Democrats have gone far beyond ensuring legitimately violent protesters are held accountable, they’ve now moved on to everyday Americans who were nowhere near the Capitol on January 6th, but nevertheless, need to pay a steep price for their loyalty to President Trump.


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