They don’t actually have to have parental consent.

So much for “informed” consent. According to one Canadian medical official, Parental consent is not required when administering the controversial covid vaccination to children as young as 7th grade.

When asked by an off-camera reporter if parental consent will be required, or if parents can be present during the inoculation, the Canadian medical officer said, “they don’t actually have to have parental consent”.  He backtracked after using the word “child”, inserting the term “youth” instead, when he claimed it was up to the immunizer to judge “whether the youth is determined to make their own decision…” Perhaps the term “child” conjures up too many accurate images of youthful innocence; children too young to understand such a consequential life (and possibly death) decision.

This surely sets a dangerous precedent. You have to wonder, what other actions will no longer require parental consent?

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