David Assman isnt worried about offending “snowflakes,” but apparently Canadian officials in Saskatchewan are. When Assman applied for a vanity plate using his last name “Assman,” Sakatchewan officials denied his request. Assman decided to really let the government know how he feels about their censorship…and wow…he let them know in a really big way!

Assman strikes back: Denied license plate, Saskatchewan man emblazons ‘offensive’ last name on tailgate

The National Post wrote about Assman and his pick up truck – When it comes to celebrating his family name, Dave Assman refuses to take no for an answer.

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After Saskatchewan Government Insurance (SGI) denied his latest request for an ‘ASSMAN’ vanity license plate, the Melville man had an oversized decal designed to replicate the plate in question and then placed the decal on the tailgate of his white Dodge Ram pickup truck.

“See, I hate to say it but I’m kinda a sarcastic ass and well I just wanted to go big!” he said later via direct message.

From David Assman’s Facebook page: I know there are a few people out there that are wondering why I’m making such a big deal about getting denied my last name as my license plate!

Assman first tried to put his name on a license plate in the 1990s. That application was rejected by SGI as “profanity.” His recent application was denied on the grounds that it was “offensive, suggestive or not in good taste.”

The reason SGI gave me for denying it was because someone may find it offensive.

As I told one reporter there are too many snowflakes out there that get their feelings hurt about nothing!

People need to learn to suck it up once in awhile, just because you don’t like or feel something is inappropriate, you don’t have to make a big deal about it!

If it isn’t illegal or going to harm someone mind your own business and carry on with your own life!

Oh yea also because I have 3 weeks off and nothing planned so I need something to occupy my time! LOL

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In one of the most epic Seinfeld episodes, Kramer accidentally got the wrong vanity license plate for his vehicle, that read “ASSMAN.” Here’s the hilarious clip:

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