Cancel culture has come for the word “slave” because leftists believe it’s a “dehumanizing” noun. Censorship is alive and well with books, movies, and now words in the dictionary. According to the left, if there is the possibility of someone being offended, the offending item must be canceled.

Yahoo Life is reporting that plans on deleting the word “slave”:

As part of its ongoing efforts to feature language that is more inclusive and reflective of modern-day society, will no longer include the word “slave” as a noun identifying a person, instead using the adjective “enslaved” or referencing the institution of slavery.

Several thousand updates to also include leftist terms like “Critical Race Theory” (CRT) and capitalization of the word “Black” when referring to people.

Changing words or deleting them is the agenda the totalitarian left continues to push to politicize everything to gain more power over the narrative.

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Are there any words to add to the list? We can think of one:

illegal alien = undocumented immigrant

The word “slave” has been around for a looong time…

The word slave first appears in English around 1290, spelled sclave. The spelling is based on Old French esclave from Medieval Latin sclavus, “Slav, slave,” first recorded around 800. Sclavus comes from Byzantine Greek sklabos (pronounced sklävōs) “Slav,” which appears around 580.

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