Real strength does not need to virtue signal.

Gina Carano is depicted in her role as Cara Dune on Disney Lucas Film’s The Mandalorian.

Gina Carano is the definition of a bad-ass human being who happens to be female.  She has strong morals and values, believes in the power of free speech to create peace and connection, and is a multi-year MMA champion who was the absolute best in her weight class.  She exudes calm meditative confidence in the face of cowards, bullies, and bootlickers.  She is also a creative person who stretched her myriad talents into acting, starring in several movies, and eventually ended up in Disney’s most important franchise series: The Mandalorian.

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA – NOVEMBER 13: Gina Carano attends the premiere of Disney+’s “The Mandalorian” at El Capitan Theatre. (Photo by Rodin Eckenroth/FilmMagic)

Yet, after months of shaming by globalists and leftists within the alleged pedophilic den of modern Disney (who owns Star Wars and Lucas Films), Disney has just fired perhaps their most popular female star, Gina Carano, from their only meaningful show, The Mandalorian on their streaming service, Disney Plus.  This has led to a massive call to #CancelDisneyPlus, which trended number 1 on Twitter.

Sounds like a great idea to us.  

The Current State of Disney, Today. Everything Is Fine.

So, why was Carano–a beloved superstar actress and former multi-year MMA featherweight champion–canceled from a show on Disney Plus for which she was beloved (and by her talent agency)?

Because Hollywood wants sociopathic puppets to feign heroics, but Carano is a real fighter who does not back down.  They fear her.  She is a down-to-earth person who is a defender of free thought and free speech who won’t be bullied, and it drives them mad:

Gina Carano also commits the sin of following fan pages and occasionally agreeing to do casual interviews with them for fun, support, and to promote free discussion.  In those interviews and tweets, she says things like this:

“People need to be ok with having conversations, with having difficult conversations…what’s wrong with having a different opinion?  Why does everybody have to go straight to demoralizing everyone because they didn’t think the way you did?”

“If you start having conversations with your enemy…you’re going to disagree,” but Carano believes the conversation brings people together while canceling people and silencing them makes things much worse.

Disney, on the other hand, is considered by some to be most famous for hiring child rapists as directors, a former VP who was convicted of raping 7-year olds, a chief executive who also been charged with alleged abuse of minors, at least 35 alleged pedophiles working at their theme parks…and inventing Mickey Mouse.

But those Mickey Mouse days are long behind Disney.  Leaving only…Disney Plus: an overpriced streaming service that deletes old un-woke content and contains only self-censored and edited Disney content that is only a tiny percentage of Disney’s content vault.  The service is basically an intentionally crippled version of Netflix for Disney, who also owns Hulu, Fox, and ABC.  It had an initial surge in popularity (and stock price) because Disney+ was given away for free to millions of phone customers for a full year.  But, now that those free year-long subscriptions are up, its future is less certain, though Verizon continues to bundle it with phone services.

To lure people into actually purchasing stand-alone Disney Plus subscriptions, Disney created a show on it called The Mandalorian.

The Mandalorian is a bankable Star Wars spin-off show that has become very popular due to its direction by the exceptional John Favreau, who respects Star Wars fans and good storytelling.  Favreau is famous for his film Swingers from the 1990s, but also for a string of hits, including Iron Man and Zathura.  He was also attached to several Marvel films.
He is a very big deal in Hollywood.

And, most Star Wars fans consider him to be the only remaining Star Wars success story since it was purchased from George Lucas several years ago.  Most star wars fans dislike the woke globalist anti-American vision of Star Wars under Disney Management.  This must is why nobody bothered paying for their monumental multi-billion dollar Star Wars theme park failure of a previously invincible beloved franchise that anyone could have made billions on.

Get woke, go broke, indeed.

On The Mandalorian, actress Gina Carano plays the starring role of Cara Dune.

Kathleen Kennedy in the black T-Shirt trying her best to fit in as a human

In recent months, though, rumors had been swirling that Gina Carano was severely disliked by super-woke hyper-feminist Kathleen Kennedy.  As president of the Star Wars division of Disney, Lucas Film, Kennedy stomps around all day in woke feminist t-shirts (pictured above), figuring out ways to ruin good television and films.  She has such a talent for this that the films’ creators who handed them to her for safekeeping now hate her.

Therefore, rumors suggest there is a battle at Disney for the heart of the company.  One camp backs Woke Toilet Monster Kathleen while the other despises her and the woke tailspin through which she and others like her are putting all of Disney’s properties.

However, no one in Hollywood–including her fair-weather friend co-stars, has yet openly come to the defense of Carano in her peaceful charge for free-thought.  This is cowardice in the face of tyranny will only lead to their own axing by studio heads later when their ‘thought violations,’ which we detail below, are exposed.

If Kathleen truly believes in feminism and plasters it on her bosom so boldly, why on earth would she fire her strongest female role model who oozes character and class not seen in Hollywood in generations?  Why did Kathleen hate the exceptionally accomplished valiant Gina Carano, who was once a super-star MMA champion?

As we said, the hatred began because Gina has a high-functioning brain that quotes Thomas Sowell and is predisposed to happiness through individualism, determination, and personal freedom.  She is exceptionally friendly and decidedly not woke, so Kathleen Kennedy was on a twisted Richard III warpath to her destruction.

The rumors were that Favreau, who does not appear to ever discuss politics (a rare sign of sanity in Hollywood), had stepped in on behalf of actress Gina Carano.  But even Favreau’s support was not enough for the depraved leadership at Disney.  News broke on Wednesday night that Carano had finally been fired for her latest tweet, below.  It is an image that asks the reader to contemplate the snowballing effect that a government training its citizens to hate one another will have on society:

Snapshot by an anonymous Internet user of Gina Carano tweet that may have gotten her fired

Many believe that the image implies that Republicans, conservatives, and free-thinkers are being persecuted in a similar way to the Jews in 1930s Germany, though republicans are not named in the image. Is that a crazy analogy?

For the crime of free and logical thought, Gina was inexplicably labelled “problematic” and “anti-Semitic” by the turgid single-orifice slitherers in Hollywood, the media, and on Twitter who are always begging to burst because spineless people around the country refuse to stand up to them.

But Gina does so with the grace and poise of a woman who knows she is strong.  Walt Disney certainly would certainly have loved Gina and proudly shown her star above his magic kingdom.

Once a great company whose founder actually testified against Communism taking over Hollywood, Disney has long since become a hollowed-out shell of Chinese and globalist propaganda for hire and a revolving door for other CCP endeavors like selling out and humiliating thousands of American workers.  Courageous Gina Carano wasn’t having any of that.  Carano is an outspoken proponent of free thought and American values on Twitter and in interviews but hasn’t ever (to our knowledge) expressed her specific political leanings.

Disney has made its recent far-leftist and globalist views very clear and has dismissed the anger from many of its shareholders who are upset about its incredibly left-biased ABC News coverage and woke politics in much of Disney’s recent content.

Dave Filoni is arguably the most important creative person involved in Star Wars today. People were very excited when he was given more control of Star Wars.  And, though he is still liked by many, he is a 27th-wave feminist Black Lives Matter shill like all the rest of the toilet bugs at Disney who have sold their souls to destroy America and raise authoritarian China, so disappointment is sure to come:

Does he not realize how Disney gleefully treats its black actors in racist anti-black China?

Is he ‘not listening, or worse, not caring’ that Disney allegedly films its blockbuster failures near CCP slave cities and thanks those linked with these atrocities while he virtue signals about BLM on Twitter?

Disney and Hollywood didn’t seem to have a problem with being completely infiltrated by Chinese communists or having its Mulan Star promoted the totalitarian destruction of Hong Kong by CCP China via its pro-China police force.

They don’t care when their woke Mandalorian star, Pedro Pascal, compares illegal immigrants in detention centers to Nazi Germany:

They also didn’t mind rehiring director James Gunn, who directed Guardians of the Galaxy and said numerous incendiary “jokes” (were they funny?) about pedophilia and rape on Twitter that could easily be taken…the wrong way.  Why did they rehire him?  Because they needed him to direct their next blockbuster movie to make them money, so they hoped it was just…you know…him practicing provocateur-style comedic free speech.  What do you think of his tweets below:

Will Pascal, Gunn, and others may face corporate scrutiny in the coming days?

We hope not.

We don’t believe anyone should be fired for having opinions or for speaking their mind or making jokes we don’t find funny.  That is evil.

But why fire Carano for a tweet promoting rational thought, love, and connection to one’s neighbor?  What does that say about Disney as a company and its agenda? Why are only leftists and globalists allowed to speak their minds?

Many fans of Star Wars-a cultural icon of Americanism for decades based upon Joseph Campbell’s universal “Hero’s Journey” archetype–were aghast when the film series went full woke during Episode 8: The Last Jedi, which was designed to subvert its original intent, The West, and all basic human archetypes.  It was, objectively, a dumpster fire of a film–from scripting to acting to directing, it was a giant mess.

Meanwhile, Gina’s costars stay silent and do nothing.  This is what allows this cancer to spread–as it did in Nazi Germany: good people staying silent to save their own skin.  Are you getting this, Pedro Pascal?

It won’t work.

Is this what all of your progressive friends will do to you for having differing opinions?  Will you be allowed to have a job? Will anyone stand up for you?

This is cancel culture.

Disney is hyper-ambitious and greedy while being morally, culturally, and creatively bankrupt.  To exemplify this, they have over a dozen retconned Star Wars spinoffs coming.  Disney expects to make Star Wars bigger than The Marvel Universe once was.  However, their M.O. seems to be to use good people (who are not all progressive) to start great projects with great ideas. Then, Disney cuts out the heart of those products and discards their makers like trash, and continues to spin them off for years.

Gina Carano is a real-life valiant hero who stood up to Disney and now walks away.

The Walt Disney Family has stood up to CCP Disney and walked away, warning of Disney’s corrupt greed.

What will you do?

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