As African Americans falter in their support of Biden, black America may be on the verge of political realignment

Joe Biden’s unpopularity is not limited to traditionally Republican elements of the country. Rather, black America seems to be getting fed up with him too–and commentators like Candace Owens recognize why.

From the New York Post:

“Black America is wising up to [Democrat failures] and the question now is whether or not it is too late,” said conservative commentator Candace Owens, noting that “every single metric is worse for black America under a Biden presidency than under a Trump presidency,”

There are 30 million voting-age African-Americans, and 92 percent of those who voted pulled the lever for Biden in 2020. But only 69 percent support him today, according to a recent CNN survey. A new Quinnipiac poll put black support for the president at just 58 percent, with 20 percent strongly disapproving of his leadership.

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Under President Trump, unemployment and crime–especially violent crime–were far lower than under Biden. Additionally, the public education system–a fierce political battleground–has left black children “malnourished of the truth” according to a bi-racial activist, David “Shaman” Ortiz who has recently switched from a registered Democrat to a registered Republican.

David “Shaman” Ortiz, who recently switched his voter registration to Republican

Black urban communities across the nation beset by social ills have been run almost exclusively by Democrats for decades. Rising crime, failed schools, illegal immigration and anger over COVID mandates are all among issues forcing this constituency to reject the Democrat Party, political observers said. So too is the failure of the Biden Administration to live up to campaign pledges.

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Many black activists and commentators are expressing disaffection with the Democratic Party and the Biden Administration over these issues and over decades of lies and failed promises to the black community. Meanwhile, President Donald Trump produced a safer, better environment for all Americans regardless of race or color. As such, Biden is hemorrhaging black support.

Despite Democrats having been known to throw racist temper tantrums against black conservatives, conservatism is still becoming more mainstream within the black communities of the United States.. As such, black America may be on the verge of political realignment for the first time since before the Civil Rights Movement.

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