On May 8, 2018, Candace Owens spoke to a large audience at the Center of the American Experiment lunch forum, where she explained to the crowd how she became a conservative.

Before Owens explained her story to the audience, she laughed, as she told the audience that since she challenged the black community and how they think, she has been called “alt-right adjacent” a “KKK sympathizer” and a “white supremacist sympathizer”.

Candace Owens explained that since she began telling the truth, the journalists, who she calls “hit men”, have been out to get her.

Owens told the crowd that her favorite, made-up story by the media is that she is a “rich girl from Connecticut”. Owens laughed sarcastically, and told the crowd, “If I am rich, please let my parents know. That would be very interesting, versus the way that I actually grew up.” Owens immediately clarified that the truth is, that “Yes, I was raised in Connecticut. I was raised in Stanford, Connecticut, and my family is not, not was, most of my family wasn’t on welfare, they currently are on welfare. I come from a background where I grew up seeing my uncles in prison. And, uh, I grew up with a broken family, a very typical, what I would say a ‘black American story'”. She then explained how the media is trying to silence her because based on her upbringing, she should be a Democrat. Owens quickly assured the crowd, “I am not a Democrat!”

The entire video can be seen below (every second of the video is worth watching).

Here is a short clip that Owens posted on Twitter from her speech:

Perhaps racism is being used as a theme to turn black people into single-issue voters.

Every single day on the television we saw Black Lives Matter protesters.

By the way, has anyone seen Black Lives Matter on CNN, since the election ended? I haven’t, because guess what? Once the election’s over, they no longer need to black people like mules to bring them votes. 

And that’s exactly what’s going on. 

Here’s Candace Owens’ entire speech:


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