Candace Owens is a brave black conservative who was just stalked by Antifa radicals before she gave a speech in Philadelphia at UPenn.

Watch the video below where the Communications Director for Turning Point USA is chased and screamed at while she tries to speak with a group of young black men.

If the tables were turned, this would be all over the news!


Watch how she doesn’t back down but bravely confronts the antifa radicals yelling profanity at her. It’s a great example of what everyone should do when confronted by people like this. The hate coming from them is truly like the KKK. Frightening!

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Antifa is here!! Enjoy this video of the neo-KKK stalking and harassing me as I try to invite a group of peaceful black students into my event at UPENN. The Democrat’s domestic terrorist arm strike again! Too bad we will NEVER BACK DOWN. WE WILL BE FREE.

Owens spoke out about the incident on Hannity:

“I spent a year and a half running from these guys (Antifa). Running through kitchens going through back doors hiding from them! Not any more. Black Americans, if you have the audacity to think for yourselves #BLEXIT

This woman is brave and such a patriot. We think she’s amazing!


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