Following the mysterious, rumor-plagued attack on Paul Pelosi, the husband of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, the U.S. Capitol Police (USCP) are re-evaluating their security protocols. According to multiple sources, the Capitol Police had access to cameras at the Pelosi residence, but they were not being monitored until local police were already at the scene.

On Wednesday, the Capitol Police released a statement admitting that those at the Command Center were not monitoring the security camera feed for the Pelosi residence at the time of the attack. The USCP reported that they have access to about 1,800 cameras, including those “used to actively monitor the speaker’s San Francisco residence around the clock when she is there.”

Rear windows of the Pelosi residence after the break-in

“While the Speaker was with her security detail in Washington, D.C., the San Francisco cameras were not actively monitored as they are when the speaker is at the residence. The Command Center personnel noticed the police activity on the screen and used the feeds to monitor the response and assist investigators,” the department said.

The statement also mentioned that they would be conducting an “internal security review” to gather “input and questions from… congressional stakeholders.” The department added that they will “fast-track the work [they] have already been doing to enhance the protection of members outside of Washington, D.C., while also providing new protective options that will address concerns following Friday’s targeted attack.”

On Tuesday, Capitol Police Chief Tom Manger announced that the department will review adding security measures for members of Congress. “The USCP has engaged in a review of Friday’s incident,” said Manger. “We believe today’s political climate calls for more resources to provide additional layers of physical security for members of Congress. This plan would include an emphasis on adding redundancies to the measures that are already in place for congressional leadership. Hopefully you can understand that we cannot disclose the details about these improvements because our country cannot afford to make it easier for any potential bad actors.”


What’s weird is that it seems like none of the security camera footage was recorded and stored anywhere, not even for a brief period of time. You would think that such a highly-funded department that monitors such high-up individuals in the U.S. government would have security equipment with the ability to record.

Following the attack, Mr. Pelosi is recovering in a hospital in San Francisco after undergoing surgery for his fractured skull and other injuries.

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