Capricious Youtube Gods Smite Ron Paul for Sin of Covering A Trump Rally

Ron Paul

There is an ongoing and accelerating battle with ‘Big Tech’ censorship that, for now, only seems to go one way.  Hundreds of thousands of independent and conservative voices have been silenced, shadow-banned, demonetized, de-banked, and otherwise censored over the past few years.  Even President Trump is now routinely censored on platforms like Twitter, while Google artificially and surreptitiously re-orders all search results in order to place the maximum amount of negative stories about him and other non-globalists in the top page of all search results whenever possible

And, while leftist voices have been largely left unscathed, once they are no longer useful in the destruction of America, they will be heavily censored, too.  This is always the case.  And, as is also always the case as authoritarians rise to power, the pace, intrusiveness, and intensity of the censorship is increasing.

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Dr. Ron Paul noted on his Twitter page that his video podcasts are now being removed.  What is even more concerning is that Ron Paul was simply covering a Trump Rally.

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Dr. Ron Paul went on to make an urgent call to action to prevent further censorship:

He also pointed out the capricious nature of these digital gods:

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