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A caravan migrant caught on video complaining about the free food she was given while in detention in Mexico has been arrested in Texas along with her sister. She’s in a Texas jail facing one charge of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.

The viral video and photo of the woman complaining during her journey through Mexico from Honduras was shocking to many who felt she should be ok with anything that’s free. That’s why it should be no surprise that the woman and her sister took advantage of a woman who was giving them housing and are now in a Texas jail.

Both women have an immigration detainer placed on them preventing them from bonding out.

The sisters, Mirian Zelaya and Mirna Zelaya, are both being held in a detention center on a charge of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. Mundo Hispanico revealed that the two women allegedly beat another woman who was providing them with housing:

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One Instagram translation from Spanish to English: The Lady Beans and her sister, were arrested in Texas.., for hitting and stealing a lady allegedly, the lady who beat her was her Aunt from them, and was the one who gave them asylum when they arrived in Dallas Texas, and now she has to pay 10000 Dollars each bail at the latest tomorrow March 30th… 

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Deport these ungrateful women.

Our previous report on Mirian Zelaya with the video of her ungratefulness:

She shows up at the :22 point saying in Spanish that she had been given “pig food”. She issued an apology after the video went viral and people expressed outrage. She eventually was released to go live with her sister in Texas just like so many other illegals who experience “catch and release”. The illegals are released to relatives in the U.S. instead of being deported. This is one example of many loopholes that need to be closed. This woman should never have been released into the U.S.

As it is, the two women are in big trouble after beating a woman who was providing them with housing. This was 100% preventable had this woman not been allowed into the country in the first place.

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