How careless are these people? Clinton’s right-hand-woman was tossing documents in the back of a staff car! These documents were considered ‘burn bag’ material which means they were classified! Is this carelessness a sign of the Clinton attitude of being above it all or was Abedin just not aware of the seriousness of her actions?

Hillary Clinton’s most trusted State Department aide Huma Abedin once left classified papers in the pocket behind the front seat of a staff car she was assigned in India, according to an email released Monday.

Abedin wrote to Clinton’s personal assistant Lauren Jiloty on July 20, 2009 to ask her to move the material to her trunk so an ambassador wouldn’t see them when he rode with her in the back seat.

She told Jiloty that the papers consisted of ‘burn stuff,’ indicating that they were classified documents that belonged among materials that agency rules required employees to place in ‘burn bags’ for incineration.

‘I’m going to have ambassador ride on next drive,’ Abedin wrote to Jiloty in an email titled ‘Favor.’
‘There’s a bunch of burn stuff in the pocket of my front seat.’
‘Can u put in trunk?’ she asked.
Jiloty responded that she would take care of it.

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It’s unclear how highly classified the material was. Three of the emails Clinton provided to the State Department from the private email server she used exclusively while she was secretary of state were classified at the ‘Top Secret’ level or above.

Unless Abedin planned to violate State Department rules regarding burn bags, the papers she referred to were unquestionably classified materials.
The State Department’s Foreign Affairs Manual directs that ‘burn bags must contain only the classified material that is to be destroyed.’
‘Personal documents, trash, recyclable materials, metal objects (such as binder clips and acco fasteners), string, twine, spiral bindings, cleaning cloths, food, or any other object that is not classified material should not be placed in a burn bag.’

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Abedin wrote to Clinton’s personal assistant Lauren Jiloty (pictured above) on July 20, 2009


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