If Obama had a communist friend…he’d be this poor victim…Raul Castro…the champion of human rights and justice…

What a dog and pony show.

cuba poor woman and kids

Cuban leader Raul Castro used his first speech before the United Nations General Assembly to lash out at the international body, saying Monday that member states have failed to produce much beyond an “illusion” of the human rights, justice and development promised in the charter.

cuba dissedents

Castro made scant mention of last summer’s landmark restoration of ties with the United States after a five-decade break, instead delivering a searing indictment of world superpowers for allowing millions to remain hungry, illiterate and at risk of death by curable illnesses while annual military expenses worldwide amount to more than $1.7 trillion.

“Barely a fraction of that figure could resolve the most pressing problems afflicting humanity,” Castro said.


Castro received warm applause and scattered cheers when he made his U.N. debut, and several Latin American and African leaders gave him a standing ovation at the end of his remarks, in apparent approval of his narrative that Western colonialism and imperialism are at the roots of today’s conflicts. He didn’t name names, but his allusions to the United States and its allies were clear as he criticized invasions and overthrows, the “selective and discriminatory” approach to human rights, and the threat of climate change stemming from “an irrational and unsustainable consumerism.”

“There have constantly been wars of aggression and interference in the internal affairs of the states, the ousting of sovereign governments by force, the so-called ‘soft coups’ and the recolonization of territories,” Castro said.

Via: McClatchyDC

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