A Catholic high school near Ontario in Canada suspended a student and then had him arrested for saying there are only two genders during a classroom discussion about gender ideology.

In November, Josh Alexander was participating in an open class discussion on gender when he made the mistake of thinking he was actually allowed to express his opinion.

“It was about male students using female washrooms, gender dysphoria, and male breastfeeding. Everyone was sharing their opinions on it, any student who wanted to was participating, including the teacher,” said Alexander.

“I said there were only two genders, and you were born either a male or female, and that got me into trouble. And then I said that gender doesn’t trump biology,” the high school student added.

Although those statements align with the teachings of the Catholic Church, Alexander was suspended from school and told he would not be allowed back until he rescinded his comments.

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On Monday, Alexander returned to the school, only to be quickly removed from his classroom by the vice principal and two local police officers who charged the young boy with trespassing.

Josh Alexander being arrested for trespassing on school property

Alexander’s attorney, James Kitchen, reported that the school won’t let him back until he agrees “not to use the ‘dead name’ of any transgender student.”

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“Dead name” refers to someone’s original name they were called before transitioning. Alexander has insisted that he has never ‘dead named’ another student before.

In order to return, Alexander must also agree to “exclude himself from his two afternoon classes because those classes are attended by two transgender students who disapprove of Josh’s religious beliefs.”

This is a Catholic school. If they are so offended by Catholicism, maybe they should be attending elsewhere.

Kitchen defended Josh’s right to express himself and criticized the school’s woke, yet highly discriminatory, agenda.

“Under the guise of ‘safety,’ as that term has been revised by woke gender activists now pervasive in public institutions, Josh has been penalized for expressing his Christian beliefs regarding gender and modesty, beliefs which also happen to align with both objective truth and actual safety,” Kitchen said in a statement. “Josh not only has a right to express himself during class discussions and through public forums, he also has a right not to be discriminated against by his school for his sincere religious beliefs. Being suspended and excluded from attending classes in the height of discrimination.”

“Freedom one taken for granted is lost,” Alexander told the National Post. “Freedom of religion is probably one of our most important freedoms so I’m not going to surrender it in the face of persecution.”

“It just goes to show how little freedom of expression we have in our country,” the brave teenager added.

“I think I used to be seen as a Christian kid following my beliefs, but now apparently I’m the rebel.”

Sadly, the United States is headed in the exact same direction, if we aren’t already there yet.

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