Do you need more evidence to prove we are living in a clown world?  Well, we have it.  It turns out that if you have bad acne as a young teenager and use facial products to try to fix it, you are a racist.

Don’t believe us, though; take St. Francis High School’s word for it in Mountain View, California.

Image of high school students with acne medication on their faces that sparked this entire debacle

The Daily Mail Reports:

“Two teenage boys are suing an exclusive Catholic school for $20 million claiming the ‘blackface’ photo they were ‘forced out’ over was actually green acne medication. 

The former students and their parents launched the lawsuit against St Francis High School in Mountain View, California, after the viral image sparked outrage last year. 

They say the school offered them an ultimatum to leave or be expelled. The school says the teens left voluntarily. A third boy who was in the image went to a different school and is not involved in the suit, The San Francisco Chronicle reports. 

A selfie – taken in August 2017 – shows the three boys when they were 14-years-old, topless with a dark green mask on their face.”

What is all the more humorous is that the students also had white facial cream masks that they were using as well that no one found the least bit offensive:

The highschool boys with white acne ‘masks’ on their faces

“In the suit, launched in Santa Clara County Superior Court in August, it is claimed that one boy suffered with severe acne. He had taken a pic with a white facemask a day prior to the green one, it adds.

In a statement the two families said: ‘This lawsuit is our attempt to redeem our names and reputations, and to correct the record to reflect the truth of what actually happened.

‘A photograph of this innocent event was plucked from obscurity and grossly mischaracterized during the height of nationwide social unrest.

‘In conjunction with the school and the community, our families sought to be a part of a solution to this obvious misunderstanding, so that the entire (Saint Francis) community could get to a better place, and we were rebuffed by SFHS and its leadership, who seemed to have no interest in entertaining the truth.””

The family seeks $20 million dollars from the school for the expulsion which destroyed their reputations.  T0 make matters worse, they say the principal admitted the expulsion was frivolous, basing it only on “optics” and cancel culture rather than facts of the matter:
“The boys, identified as H.H. and A.H. in the suit, and their parents also say the principal told them their removal was down to ‘optics’ in the wake of George Floyd’s death.

The lawsuit states: ‘At no time did the boys engage in ‘blackface,’ nor did they intend to do so or mimic doing so. Neither A.H. nor H.H. had even been aware of the term ‘blackface,’ let alone what it meant or signified.’

It adds that ‘despite being on express notice of the falsity of the ‘blackface’ allegations’ officials ‘continued to defame and scapegoat’ the boys.”

They go on to state that the school’s “hurried attempt to ensure their perception as social justice warriors in the face of an unfolding scandal, and without any efforts to ascertain the true state of affairs, defendants pointed to 3-year-old photograph of plaintiffs that was taken entirely out of context, to falsely accuse plaintiffs of having committed an overt act of racism…and to scapegoat them for the misconduct of other students.”


The lawsuit also alleges that the school’s response was intended to scapegoat innocent students in order to make up for the school’s alleged pattern of ‘racism’ in the past:

“It is SFHS’S pattern and practice to sweep incidents of student racism under the rug when doing so would benefit SFHS’S reputation, and to scapegoat students (regardless of their level of fault) when doing so would be better for the school or administration’s public perception and ability to collect monetary contributions.”

And, so far, a judge seems to have agreed with the parents:

“A judge in January said the school ‘may have acted negligently’. Judge Thang Barrett noted there was no evidence of an investigation into the matter by administrators in his decision to not dismiss the suit.”

St. Francis Highschool in Mountainview, California

The lawsuit alleges that despite reasonable non-racist explanations for the photos, the school ignored the facts and the family’s explanation and immediately sought to defame the students out of expediency–even going so far as to support a protest against the students:

“By June 17 the school’s attorney was telling the families the image’s ‘disrespect was so severe as to warrant immediate dismissal’.

The school then backed a protest by parents who used the image as evidence of ‘kids participating in blackface and thinking that this is all a joke’. Those attending the protest called for the boys’ expulsion.

The boy’s attorney, Krista Baughman, said: ‘There were only four business hours between when the school first contacted our clients about the face mask photograph, and the time the school informed our clients that they would not be allowed to return.'”

As with all Orwellian doublespeak, the school claims it is silencing and destroying these boys in the name of safety and inclusion and nothing they say today means anything tomorrow:

“The school’s president Jason Curtis said: ‘St. Francis High School is committed to creating an educational environment where all students feel safe, welcome, and included.’

The families say they have been forced to move out of the area with the boys ‘futures into complete disarray’.

The families say they withdrew their children on June 19 after being told St Francis would not mention the incident to any future schools. But they say even that position was later revoked and Teekell told them she would ‘be honest’ with other institutions.”

Welcome to Biden’s new normal: A civilization in which there is no permanence or foundation, and because everyone is guilty until being proven innocent, they all rat you out first so they won’t be attacked.  Of course, eventually they will be attacked, too and the system consumes itself.  Constitutional rule of law means nothing, here, and critical thinking is the greatest enemy.

How long can a civilization like this last?

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