Rush Limbaugh was cheering for Trump and how he handled the abortion question that was asked in last night’s debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald J. Trump. Do Catholics and other pro-life groups truly understand the significance of this election? Do they know how many Supreme Court Justices our next President will likely replace in the next 4 years? In addition to the abortion issue, our religious freedoms are at serious risk. The Left has been attacking Christianity and Judaism for years, while protecting the Muslim faith like their lives depend on it.

Rush mentioned on his radio show today how shocked he was by Trump’s unabashed support for the life of the unborn. He said that there has never been a presidential candidate in history who has so bravely stood up for life during a debate with the Democrat opponent, like Donald J. Trump did last night. Here is his brilliant analysis…

Rush: Let me ask you a question. When Chris Wallace asked this abortion question, did you people start cringing? “Oh, no, jeez, every time this comes up we get smoked, oh, my God.” And he turned it to partial-birth abortion on a dime, which was either brilliant or instinctive or combination of the two, because she had no defense for what he was alleging, and she didn’t even try. Her only defense, when he brought up, “They want rip babies out of the womb a day before they’re born, a week before they’re born.”

And she doesn’t deny it. All she can say is, “I have seen these women. I have met these women, and I’m telling you it is one of the hardest things, I’m telling you it is one of the most difficult things.” She’s therefore on record as supporting partial-birth abortion last night. I will guarantee you that’s the last thing anybody on the Democrat Party side ever factored would happen. That’s why she wasn’t prepared for it.

And it was, I don’t know, as I say, either brilliant or instinctive or a combination of the two, but to take that question on abortion, which has traditionally been a nail in the coffin for a Republican candidate, turn that around to a winning issue for him, a losing issue for her, and you’ll note that nobody in the Drive-Bys is talking about that exchange. They don’t want to go anywhere near it.

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And then she lied about Planned Parenthood and all these mammograms they do and all these precancer checks. They don’t do a single mammogram, folks. They do not do them. They don’t do checks for cancer. Their solution to everything at Planned Parenthood is an abortion. She lied through her teeth. I don’t know if Trump knows that or not. Most people who, “Oh, great work, mammograms, care for women.” They don’t do anything of the sort. They harvest baby parts and sell them! We now know that.

But the partial-birth abortion thing, he turned it around on her. She didn’t have a denial and the Drive-Bys aren’t talking about it, and it’s things like that in a debate you’ll never hear any public reaction, no polling on it, but could have a huge impact. We’ll never know. We won’t know until the elections. – Via:

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