No wonder the stands are mostly empty at the Olympic events in the violent city of Rio Di Janeiro.

As Rio de Janeiro rings in its tenure as host city to the Summer Olympics with street violence, deadly pollution, jihadist threats, incomplete facilities, and a plague, many around the world are wondering: who thought the embattled Brazilian city would be a good host for anything of this magnitude?

The Summer Olympics is the second major global sporting event Brazil clinched hosting duties for under the rule of the socialist Workers’ Party (PT) – and its founder, President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva – two years after its surprisingly uneventful run as hosts of the FIFA World Cup. Brazil winning World Cup hosting duties made sense; it was the only candidate. The Olympic bid, however, was a competitive one, with highly developed cities like Madrid and Chicago making the case that they were safer, better-prepared venues for such an event.

Hey Hillary supporters…here is a preview of what socialism really looks like:

At the time of Rio’s winning Olympic bid, International Olympic Committee (IOC) president Jacques Rogge said of Brazil, “There was absolutely no flaw in the bid.” IOC Evaluation Commission chair Nawal El Moutawakel implied this was false, but refused to speak ill of Rio de Janeiro.

“There is a vision between now and many years yet to come, these Olympic Games come right in the middle of a global vision led by President Lula and the entire government,” she concluded.

Lula, meanwhile, reveled in the significance of hosting the Games for his socialist movement. “For us, it will be an opportunity to be equal. It will increase self-esteem for Brazilians, will consolidate recent conquests and stimulate new advances,” he said in a speech following the IOC announcement.

Lula, an ally of the continent’s worst tyrants, from Hugo Chavez to Fidel Castro, did have a vision for Brazil: to use it as a personal piggy bank for himself and his cronies while exploiting the desperation of the poor. Under Lula, officials used the state-run oil company Petrobras to line their pockets with hundreds of millions of dollars by overcharging on contract projects. For years, investigators believed the Petrobras corruption scheme – known by its investigative name, Operation Car Wash – operated without Lula’s knowledge.

Judge Sergio Moro, who has become a folk hero for his role in exposing the corruption, found evidence that Lula used Petrobras money to buy himself a beachfront home. Moro opened an investigation into Lula, which immediately prompted President Dilma Rousseff to appoint Lula her chief of staff, granting him immunity.

Moro posted audio of Rousseff, the nation’s Minister of Energy during the Petrobras scandal, assuring Lula she would appoint him to a government position for immunity purposes if police got too close to uncovering his role in the scandal. Rousseff accused Moro of trying to foment a coup against her.

Rousseff has since been impeached. –Breitbart News

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